Opening Conference Summary

24-25, October, 2012, Pécs (Hungary)
Organizing partner: STRIA (South Transdanubian Region, ERDF PP3)
Work Package: WP2 – act 2.4 Transnational events

The APP4INNO Opening Conference was held successfully

The APP4INNO project was launched on 1st October, 2012, in the frame of the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme. In the project 14 partners from nine countries work together. The Opening Conference of the project was held on 4-5th October, 2012 in Pécs, Hungary in the Hotel Palatinus City Center with the participation of 31 international project partners, several Hungarian stakeholders and the regional media. The event was opened by Dr. Zsolt Páva, Mayor of the County Seat of Pécs followed by Alessandra Liviero, project manager of Veneto Agricoltura who introduced the main objectives, strategic conception, planned actions and expected results of the project to the audience.

APP4INNO focuses on the agricultural SMEs’ low competitiveness, whose main reasons are the lack of innovation, R&D activities and the services fostering internationalization. The main target is the innovation potential of high quality / traditional products. The project aims to create a transnational service platform supporting innovative activities, technology transfer and the cooperation of agricultural SMEs helping these organizations to become integrated into the international circulation and to become competitive actors in the international markets.

According to the project focus, in the frame of the professional section of the conference Alessandro Censori, the director of Veneto Agricoltura introduced an Italian research about the role of agricultural innovation and the situation of agricultural regions in the EU. Dr. Zsolt Polereczki, director of the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Office of the Kaposvár University analyzed the driving factors and potentials of innovation in the case of Hungarian SMEs. The plenary meeting ended with the introduction of the project partners. The lunch following the event offered a great opportunity for the participants to establish new business and research relationships and for informal discussions.

In the afternoon and second day sections of the event the partners discussed the project implementation schedule, tasks and deadlines in internal meetings.

Photos of the event are available under the gallery menu!


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