Drama Chamber is a leading agency that promotes the region of Drama, supports the growth and investment activities in the area and provides assistance, support and encouragement to the dynamic SMEs of the region. The Chamber of Drama was established by the degree of law of 12.10.1926 (Legislation 358 A) concerning “The creation of a Regional Chamber in Drama”.


In recent years the Chamber of Drama has developed into a major agency in the local economy, working to attain the following objectives:

We have managed to achieve positive results for the region and its businesses. We also offer direct support to any investor from outside Drama interested in developing economic activities in the prefecture.

Services of the cci DRAMA:

Our aactivities it involve support to private initiatives and entrepreneurial endeavors, both as an information source and as consultative body, present a real challenge to the Drama Chamber. This challenge has been accepted and the result has been the provision of important services to the area's business community. We mention below some of the concrete actions the Chamber is engaged in:

Retail Trade

The Chamber is an avid supporter of the association of retailers and traders of Drama. The Chamber promotes and protects the interests of this large group composed mostly of small companies who are in need of special types of support in order to ensure their very survival. The Chamber has been particularly concerned with phenomena such as shopping malls, department stores, a differentiated schedule, etc. In cooperation with local authorities and trade associations it tries to find means of offering support to this sector. Furthermore, the Chamber is creating the appropriate milieu for EDI and for Franchising. These are new products in the retail service picture that need special attention.


The presence of small, medium and large-scale industry in the area is crucial to the economic well being of the region as a whole. The Chamber promotes the development of a balanced environment for the creation of new investments and industrial concerns, as well as the smooth operation of those already in-existence. Some issues of concern to the Chamber are: the upgrade of the industrial zone, the creation of Business parks, conference and exhibition centers, the effect on the environment and regulations in this regard, issuing certificates and licenses, creating new job opportunities, the cost of borrowing and interest rates, etc.

Wholesale Trade - International Commerce and EDI

There is a plethora of national and international regulations in existence today, which deal with the international exchange of goods. Some such regulations inhibit the free distribution of goods while others promote it. The Chamber is made aware of new regulations as they come into existence and is constantly informing enterprises in the area. Furthermore, the Chamber is preparing to facilitate to its members EDI services.

Export Trade Promotion

The Chamber supports the export initiatives of firms by providing them with information about new export markets, assistance in business contacts with companies from abroad, organizing commercial delegations, associating itself with other organizations that deal in these same matters and cooperating with the authorities on export promotion.

The Environment and its Protection

This is an important issue for Drama, since many of the most beautiful an unique forests of the European continent are located in the region. Nevertheless, the issue has become one of great concern to the Chamber, especially in recent years, given that many enterprises, because of the nature of their activities, place a great strain on the environment. New EU regulations as well as national legal acts on this matter are at great cost to enterprises since they place restrictions on some of their activities.

Regional Development

The Chamber serves as an advisor to local and regional authorities on matters relating to the area's development. In most cases, however, the Chamber does not limit itself to the role of the passive advisor, a role prescribed to it by its by-laws. On its own initiative, it carries out studies and strategic development plans for the area. Many of the Chamber's proposals and interventions are included in the regional authority's development plans.


Vocational training and gaining of new experience is important in the new labor markets in order to face the challenges of international competition. Proper education and training are crucial elements in the development of trade and industry. In recent years, the Chamber has taken a very active part in providing vocational training, managerial seminars, technical and specialist re-training, etc. Today, the Chamber of Drama, is cooperating with the existing certified Vocational Training Institutions in order to coordinate the needs of the market with the training offered by the organizations.

Labor Markets

The Chamber, in close cooperation with the business community, has made great efforts to stimulate job creation while at the same time taking into account the needs of the local labor force.

Membership in professional organisations:

Hellenic Union of Chamber

Cooperation with other organizations and Networks:


The Drama Chamber is a member of the ARGE28 (www.arge28.com) network of European chambers located along border regions. The network comprises of Chambers from Germany, Austria, Italy and Greece. Chambers from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey are associate members in the network


There is a close cooperation of the Drama Chamber with the Eurorechambers, (www.eurochambres.com) the pan-European organization representing all the Chambers of Europe in Brussels. Since 1994, the Drama Chamber has participated in many programmes and events funded by the Eurochambers.

Euroregion Nestos – Mesta

The headquarters of the Euroregion Nestos – Mesta, (www.euroregion.gr) an organized formation of structured cross border cooperation in the region of Drama and that of southern Bulgaria, are located in the Drama Chamber. The Euroregion Nestos-Mesta was founded in 1990 by the Drama Chamber as an initiative designed to support business activities with neighboring Bulgaria. It has now developed into an organized form of trans-border cooperation – a ground-breaking scheme and a paradime of Cross Border Cooperation for the whole of South Eastern Europe.

Association of European Border Regions

Through the Euroregion Nestos – Mesta, the Drama Chamber has strong representation in the Association of European Border Regions AEBR (www.aebr.net). AEBR is a Pan-European network of border regions designed to promote and develop such regions and support them within EU structures. The President of the Chamber is in fact an elected Vice President of the organization, and one of its senior officers is an elected member of the network’s Executive Committee. In these capacities our Chamber representatives have direct access to decision-taking bodies on trans-border cooperation issues within the EU institutions.


Was established some years ago in the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace to function as an intermediate agency supporting the investment plans of the Region’s businesses. It runs a branch office within the Drama Chamber to provide a closer service for local businesses.

CESARS – Eurocahmbers Cooperate Social Responsibility Network

The Drama Chamber has been select as one among the 50 Chambers from all over Europe to participate at the CEASAR programme. This is a EUROCHAMBERS initiative and it is partially funded by the European Union’s “Mainstreaming CSR among SMEs’ ” programme. Through this project, executives from the Drama Chamber have had the unique opportunity to be trained to offer and develop CSR services to the small companies in the Prefecture of Drama.

Network of Women Entrepreneurs

The Drama Chamber is member in the network of National Network of Chambers fro Greek Women Entrepreneurs (www.wbc-net.org) which is an NGO founded by the Union of Hellenic Chambers. The network is set after the similar networks of women entrepreneurs which exist in other European countries. The aim of the network is to support and assist women entrepreneurs in Greece. Through EU funds under the CIP InterregIIIA – Archimed, the Union has managed to implement the programme “Women in Business, Support Growth and Competitiveness”. A pivotal activity of the network is to pin point the special problems pertaining in the need of the Greek women entrepren

Contact us:

Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
40 Lambrianidis Street, 66100 Drama, Greece

Our colleagues:

Mr. Stefanos GEORGIADIS, President

Mr. Charalambos ALEXANDRIDIS, Director

Ms. Tania SIKOTIDOU, Chief Accountant

Ms. Georgia GIAMOURIDOU, Information Officer

Mr. Alkis PAPADEMETRIOU, International Programme Director


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