The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (IAM-Bari), established in 1962, is the Italian Institute of the CIHEAM (Centre International d'Hautes Ètudes Agronomiques Méditerranéennes), an Intergovernmental Organization founded under the aegis of the OECD and the European Council on May 21, 1962 as a result of an Agreement among the Government of the Southern European countries: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey. Currently, the Centre numbers thirteen member Countries: Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, Tunisia, Turkey.



The mission of MAI-Bari is to implement the institutional goals of CIHEAM in the sectors it has been entrusted with. Its cornerstones are the programmes of international co-operation to development and the specific requirements of the different territories and national economies of Mediterranean countries.


Services of the CIHEAM -IAM-Bari:


Thematic fields:

Education and Training:

Total Beneficiaries - From 1962 to 2012:

Scientific Research:

Programmes are pursued by MAIBari staff in connection with national and international institutions and organizations and with Italian, European, African, Asian and US Universities/centres. In the relationship with other scientific institutions, special support is given to those of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.

MAIBari coordinates many international research networks, entailing permanent links between researchers.

The activities respond to two main objectives: on the one hand, to improve the effectiveness of theoretical teaching, through students’ involvement in research; on the other, to provide the partnership’s actions with the scientific and technical support required, both in the design and execution.

All research activities are based on the “problem solving” approach. The themes are derived from specific and relevant problems for which the practical and concrete solution is sought. The work makes use of basic knowledge and is targeted, within a rigorous scientific framework, to innovatory solutions that are feasible in the land system they are designed.

Such a philosophy enables MAIBari to combine the most advanced scientific and technical knowledge with the actually sustainable concrete solutions, thus obtaining the best impact on the region concerned.

Cooperation with other organizations:

With the same philosophy MAIBari promotes cooperation with major national and international institutions involved in cooperation for development, and with several international scientific organisations, such as ACSAD, FAO, European Union, ICARDA, IFAD, OADA, GTZ, and mainly with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose Directorate General for Cooperation to Development is MAIBari basic counterpart.

The promotion of in-loco partnership actions is aimed at implementing actions particularly relevant for the qualification and development of agriculture in the Mediterranean area.

Albania and Balkan countries, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Lebanon, Malta, Syria are the countries in which in-loco projects have been or are being implemented.

For implementation the main actors are the institutions, local bodies and professionals who receive the scientific and technical support from MAIBari.

MAIBari is one of the founders of GWP (Global Water Partnership) and member of GWP Technical and Advisory Committee for the Mediterranean Region. It has been assigned the responsibility for all GWP initiatives in the field of Mediterranean irrigated agriculture.

It is one of the founding members of the World Water Council and the headquarters of WWC for the Mediterranean region.

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