Institute of Food Technology (FINS) is one of the leading research institutes in the field of food and feed science and technology and dissemination of ­knowledge in Serbia and South Eastern Europe. Our research and the business strategy are ­consistent with national and European strategy of research and development ­priorities in agriculture and food areas. The main guidelines of this strategy ­include the advancement of knowledge in sustainable food production management, ­production and exploitation of biological resources and the development of new technologies and products in the food chain.

The Institute was established by the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina based on the research potential and almost 50 years long tradition and experience of the Department for technology of wheat and flour, Department of sugar technology, ­Department of meat technology, Department of fruit and vegetables technology and the Department of feed technology who operated within the Yugoslav Institute for the food and Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad. Now, institute is organized through 4 main Departments:


Institute as a center of excellence and one of the leaders of scientific and technological development and innovation in the food chain in Europe and worldwide.


Performing a high quality scientific research at the national and international level and its application to increase competitiveness of Serbian economy by improving the production of safe and healthy food which contributes to the health and well-being of the society.

Research and Development:

The Institute has extensive expertise and experience in ­applying the latest scientific achievements in research related to food and feed technology. In addition to an experienced team of ­researchers ­enhanced with young associates, Institute is equipped with ­modern instruments that guarantee high quality results and ­products. Investigations are carried out in accordance with ­national and European strategic priorities and modern industrial ­requirements and trends.

Acredited FINS Laboratory–FINSLab:

Our accredited laboratory uses more than 300 analytical methods in cooperation with manufacturers of food products, in order to provide constant quality and safety of their products. Methods are constantly being updated in line with the needs and demands of our partners from industry, consumers, inspection services and others.

Education, Dissemination and Training:

FINS is also an educational institution active in ­disseminating knowledge in the field of food and feed and food technology. Our educational and dissemination activities are carried out through organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, doctoral studies, ­demonstration experiments for students, media appearances where we disseminate our results, seminars for colleagues from industry and SMEs, participation in science festivals, cooperation with other colleges and universities in the development of educational programs from our scientific research areas. Great role in these activities also have our Institute’s ­publishing activities.

Start of publishing activities of our Institute is dated back to the 1974 and the first printed issue of “Žito-hleb” journal.

During 33 years of publication, an impressive scientific production of nearly thousand scientific and professional papers has been published. The continuity of the magazine is achieved through magazine: “Food Processing, ­Quality and Safety” and its final concept in order to ­create a respectable international publication has received in the current “online” journal in English under the title:

Publishing activities of the Institute also include issuing monographs, books, textbooks, ­proceedings of congresses and conferences, special issues, that create identity and reputation of the Institute and its recognition in the scientific and cultural milieu.

With the advent of digital information ­systems and Internet, the scope of the Institute’s ­publishing activities extended to electronic ­resources, thus establishing rapid and ­successful progression of information in the field of ­scientific research.

International cooperation:

Institute gives great attention to international cooperation in order to strengthen its research and technological potential, as a source of funds for research projects and as a method for networking and integration with our foreign counterparts in the field. Special attention is paid to the European Framework Programmes (FPs), as the largest and most important ­European scientific cooperation programs. Institute participates in several successful FP projects (section with examples of projects). In addition to adopting the latest ­scientific achievements and technologies, and ­strengthen their scientific capacity, the Institute seeks to convey all this to our industry in order to maximize overall benefits. In this regard, the Institute includes ­Serbian companies in European projects and ­assists them in adopting new knowledge and ­technologies, and thus improving the modernization of our industry.

FINS is a member of various international organizations and forums in the field of food and food technology: EUFETEC, FEFAC, FOODForce, Food for Life, Food Cluster Initiative, IFIF, EFOST, ISEKI and others, through which influences the formation of its own, national and European strategies in the production food and feed.

Through various international projects and conferences Institute cooperates with many similar institutions in the country, region, Europe and the world, contributing to the general progress of science and knowledge in the field of food and feed.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer, business cooperation:

Cooperation with industry is an important segment of the Institute’s activities and the bridge between research and its application in practice. This process is ­realized through the transfer of knowledge via conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as through the transfer of technology through projects, consulting, design, feasibility studies, detailed studies on specific products, training and the like. That’s why we say that the Institute is a place where science and industry meet.

Our researchers collaborate with colleagues from business and industry in many ways with the aim of applying the latest knowledge in the process of food and feed production. The general goal is to improve the quality and safety of food and feed products and to increase their competitiveness in domestic and global ­markets.

Within that, we adjust our activities to suit the ­individual needs of our clients through:

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