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Executive Director: Gjon Gaspri
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President: Enver Ferizaj
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Financial manager: Rozi Martini
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Organizational structure and membership:

The Albanian Agribusiness Council (KASH) was established on September 15, 2000 as the union of independent agribusiness associations. In its network KASH has about 40 000 farmers and 2 200 agribusiness entrepreneurs who have invested in agribusiness throughout the country. KASH presently consists of 23 agribusiness trade associations and unifies associations of entrepreneurs and farmer’s union into a strengthened advocacy front. About 27% of the total members are women. KASH aims protecting its members’ interests and promoting agricultural development.

KASH has a national role through its network of regional councils and meetings. KASH meets regularly on a quarterly basis in each of its 12 regions and 36 districts. These regions have their own agendas developed and presented on an annual basis to local authorities. Each KASH Regional Council has elected 5 members that belong to agribusiness’ associations. Thus KASH has sustainable networking at the national and regional levels.

Being the most well known nongovernmental agricultural organization in Albania, KASH lobbies for all possible strategies that help overcome the main constrains in agricultural sector. Being itself an association, KASHs contribution is more essential in the direction of supporting the development of farmer cooperatives as well as other forms of farmer owned enterprises. KASH staff has several years experience in formulation of agricultural policies.

During the last 5 years KASH has implemented several projects financed by different donors. (See: History of the organization and its cooperation with donors).

Identity and Principles:

The identity of KASH is connected with the protection of its members’ interests and the development of agribusinesses. The main action instrument is its network of national organizations. Its principles are based on a democratic participatory approach.

The exchange of information from the regions to the HQ and from individual farmers to their associations makes KASH a consistent and inclusive network. Participation of members in the decision making and the respect between members themselves contributes to the continuous increase of membership in KASH.

Vision and Mission:

The vision of the Council is: KASH aims to be the leading advocate for a growing and competitive agribusiness sector in Albanian economy. KASH will be leading and supporting the positive developments in agriculture and food industry in Albania.

Its mission is: KASH is the union of agribusiness associations, which serves to protect its member’s interests and foster agribusiness development in support of consumer needs and Albanian economic development.


Main Objectives:

Products & services offered to members:


KASH has 4 professionals working full time in head office in Tirana. Also there are 12 regional offices in the main agriculture business regions. In these regions KASH has its councils elected by the agribusiness communities.

Some of the value-added of the staff and KASH services is based on: professional competence, client and member orientation, positive public image and capacity to influence public decision makers.

Strategies of KASH

For the next five years (2010-2015) KASH is looking to follow the following strategic directions:

Strategic networks and partnerships

KASH has a network of about 40 000 farmers and 2200 agribusiness entrepreneurs who have invested in agribusiness development throughout the country. Beside the HQ office and its national role, KASH has regional role through network of its regional councils in 12 main regions of Albania. KASH is a partner of all over business organizations in Albania. It has its representative in the Business Advisory Council, the National Labor Council Board, and National Food Authority Board and is board member in the Projects “ProMali” and “MADA”, which are dealing with the development of rural areas. KASH has Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Consumer Protection, Ministry of Economy, Agricultural University of Tirana, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Integration.

KASH has been very active in working with the Government of Albania in negotiating and concluding Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Balkan countries and EU.

History of the organization and its cooperation with donors

KASH has been founded and supported by AAATA/IFDC Project (Assistance to Albanian Agribusiness Trade Associations) during a period of three years.

An important role of KASH has been to advise the international donors on appropriateness of proposed interventions. Almost all agricultural donors’ projects in Albania that started after 2000 have been in close consultation with KASH. KASH has been partner of USA projects like AAATA, Food for Progress, EDEM, AAC and several development agencies from Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Sweden.

During the last years KASH implemented several development projects. Among them can be mentioned:


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