Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, perform tasks in the field of agriculture, forestry, wildlife, water, food, veterinary, plant protection, fisheries, farmers' cooperatives and rural development, and to approve the mid-term program to improve fisheries in fishing areas; cedes the use of fishing areas, determines the amount of compensation for the use of fishing areas, establishes professional activities to improve agricultural production; approves specific management plans and programs for private forest management, establish and approve hunting ground; approve the management plan, hunting, gives approval of the fee from the field of water management, preparation of legislation passed by the Assembly and the Government, and include: program development of agriculture and the acts of the special education budget, funds and other forms of organization, balance of agricultural and food products and basic materials and conditions Export and import of certain products; protection program and use of agricultural land; breeding program of measures for the improvement of livestock and Education Scientific and Professional Council for the implementation of measures in animal selection, program promotion, protection and breeding of wild animals as well as general guidelines for the development and improvement of forest and water management plan, recommend measures for the implementation of programs, policies and basis and monitor their implementation, preparation of acts of incorporation for forest management and water and the articles of incorporation of agricultural services, preparation and other general acts and decisions in these areas; supervise the work agricultural services and administrative supervision unless the inspection; cooperates with the authorities and carry out other specific tasks.


The basic activities of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Water and Forestry are:


Performs administrative duties in:

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Provincial secretariat for agriculture, water management and forestry
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 16, 21000 Novi Sad
+38121/456-721 fax. +38121/456-040


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