Regional Agency for Agriculture, Forestry and Agri-Food sectors


Established in 1999 by the Veneto Region, Veneto Agricoltura helps to implement regional policies aimed to promoting the economic development and the preservation of the environment in agricultural, forestry and agro-food areas. Veneto Agricoltura is engaged in increasing the competitiveness of farms, through the transfer of innovation, product safety and product quality improvement as well as the enhancement of the rural world and local products. Veneto Agricoltura works to preserve the environment through the sustainable management of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity, the promotion of energy production from renewable sources.


The aim of the Veneto Agricoltura is the promotion of agriculture and local rural development and promotes the modernisation and competitive improvement of farms. It operates in particular supporting applied research, experimental trials and agricultural training.

Strategic Lines:

Innovation strategies are carried out through financial incentives and educational training for producers in order to assure environment and food safety.

Both environmentally friendly cropping systems and sustainable conditions of breeding are considered in order to meet the quality and quantity requirements.

Veneto Agricoltura sets up new methods aimed at fostering complete traceability of products and utilizes cutting-edge technologies for the health and safety of foodstuffs and for the protection of the typicality and authenticity of Veneto products.

The Strategic Bio-energy Plan helps farmers and operators with the implementation of information desks, through dissemination tools, suggesting solutions in relation to bio-energy matter.

Veneto Agricoltura considers regional, national and EU policies developing market information on the basis of regional requirements. It implements economic models and develops research on specific production chains. It operates selecting information concerning agricultural, agro-food and forestry sector in the Veneto Region. Veneto Agricoltura sets up economic studies on primary sector and rural world, carrying out activities in the fields of communication and information, naturalistic education, technical dissemination and professional training.

Membership in organisations/networks:

Cooperation profile of Veneto Agricoltura

Veneto Agricoltura cooperates with partners at regional, national and transnational levels for projects and initiatives.

Cooperation projects concerning the following topics:

Contact us:

Viale dell’Università, 14
35020 Legnaro (PD) - Italy

Our colleagues:

Mr. Paolo Pizzolato – Legal representative

Mr. Alessandro Censori – Director of Economics Markets and Competitiveness department

Mrs. Alessandra Liviero– project manager

Mrs. Alessandra D’Orazio - financial manager


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